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Crop Protection

Water & Irrigation


XtrION Introduces ELECTRICITY as a NEW INPUT IN AGRICULTURE through the Tailored Electrical Fields (TEF) Technology

Plug in

Step back

We're Electrifying


We’re on a Mission

To Unlock

Agriculture’s Potential.

Agriculture Relies on 4 Key Inputs:

Yet This is Not Enough

In order to meet the demand for Profitability, Performance, Stability, and Crop Diversity 

We need to further drive agricultural productivity.

We’re Introducing the 5th Input Element: ELECTRICITY

Electricity is a significant part of every organism’s operations, and while it is well-utilized in medical applications (ECG, TENS, and defibrillation) it is abandoned in agriculture. 

The Tailored Electrical Fields (TEF) technology leverages electricity to keep an ear on the plant’s ׳heartbeat׳, providing real-time treatment to optimize crop performance and productivity.

Enhanced nutritional value

​Improved shelf life

Improved nutrient uptake and utilization

Increased biomass production

Increased sugar

content and flavor 

​Stronger root systems 

Enhanced resistance

to pests

and diseases

crop quality, yield & protection

Matan Rosenfeld
(Co-Founder, CEO)

Experienced ag-tech executive and entrepreneur. 

Roy Winter, Ph.D.
(Founder, CTO):

Technion-educated multidisciplinary researcher and experienced research leader. 

Assaf Zerah
(Founder, COO)

AgTech entrepreneur and operations expert. 

Noam Chehanovsky, PhD (Head of Plant Physiology):

Research leader in the field of Plant Physiology.

Arad Teichner
(R&D Agronomist):

Experienced agriculture research leader.

That’s Us.

A multidisciplinary team of agricultural enthusiasts dedicated to enhancing the future of farming.

Leadership Team
Advisory Team

Arnon Columbus:

CEO at Innegev incubator, former global strategy and planning director at Netafim, and Vice President at ICL.

Hillel Magen:

Former VP Agronomy at ICL and former director at International Potash Institute.

Ido Dor:

Ag-tech executive, former EVP @ Evogene, CEO @ Lavie Bio

Esteban Socolsky:

VP R&D at Netafim

George Bilkis:

Global M&A/VC @ KWS

Making Agriculture Work Harder.

Deploying TEF drives enhanced

crop quality, yield & protection

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